Saturday, November 22, 2008

A "MEME" Tag

I never heard of a "MeMe" until I was recently tagged by Megin to do one, so here it goes!

Here are the rules: Someone tags me, I write and link back to them. I then tag other people, and they link back to me as well. At the end of the day, we know more about each other then we did when we started.

So here are "5 moments (or memories of moments) that I love" meme:

1. The room is still with only the light of the moon coming through the blinds. I am sitting next to the crib of my daughter looking at her beautiful face as she sleeps the night away. I wonder how I could have helped make something so perfect. As I touch her little cheek, she takes in a big breath of air, as if a sigh, and exhales, moving her mouth just so, and keeps her little face toward the soft blanket. I whisper, "Daddy loves you more than you will ever know." Her mouth seems to form a slight smile. I loved that moment.

2. It has been a long day, nothing has gone right. A friend calls, the day has gone all wrong for her, too. We decide to go out for a late snack and we talk. And talk. And talk. Nothing was resolved. As we are leaving, she gets into my backseat to avoid the torrent of rain. It was meant to be a quick stop until the rain got lighter. I in the front, she in the back, we end up laughing so much we have to try to ignore each other, which we can't. Our stomachs hurt, and we both wish the rain would lighten, but yet, this moment has been the best part of the day. I love that moment.

3. My kids have their friends over and we play "Us Trivia;" where we ask questions about ourselves that the others in the room should know. There is laughter. More laughter. And even more laughter. I love that moment.

4. I can't sleep, and it is a snowy or rainy night. I sit on the couch that overlooks the picture window of the totally darkened living room. I put on a light blanket or afghan, and I gaze out the window to watch the rain fall onto the bushes, the road, whatever. When it is snowing, I can see the icicles form on the individual stems of the bushes. Everything is shiny, glazed over. Slow motion of life as I sit an watch. It is a peaceful roar. I love that moment.

5. I am in bed and I awaken, but it seems like my body hasn't. I feel like I am floating. I feel like my soul is out of my body and taking in the serenity of life. It is a strange feeling, but I like it. I wonder if I am dreaming, but yet, I know I am not. I feel totally free. I love that moment.

Bonus Moment:
Walking along the ocean with the wind blowing all around me. The roar of the winds and water make me feel powerful; rejuvenating my soul and spirit. I love that moment.


Pearl said...

Those are gorgeous serene touching moments. I'll see what I can do.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Oh yes, just lovely!