Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a Month it has been!

I may be writing this post too early. July is not over, but it has been one HELL of a month! The good part, I had vacation, which was well documented on my blog here. My niece is going to deliver her first baby in a few weeks and her shower was a success. The bad parts -- I had 4 days of food poisoning, my computer broke down and I am not sure yet if my hard drive and if I have lost all my information, my son mentions he is moving to New Hampshire, my sister (not the one who had a heart attack LAST MONTH) had a serious car accident, my niece's husband was told his job was eliminated, and my refrigerator died and I lost most of my food.

So today, my son is coming over to get the things out of the attic space he had, my house is a mess from all the movement of items, and he is taking my daughter out for shopping, a movie, and etc. I am glad they are having their time together, but i kinda wish I was invited along so we could do a family thing. We hardly do the family thing anymore, which is sad, but some obstacles take more time to overcome. I have to learn more patience since the honest approach did not work as I had hoped.

So as I sit here in my messy home, I realize again that life goes in mysterious ways. What I once thought was mine really isn't. The computer is gone. The fridge is gone. My son is almost gone.

I guess I should be taking stock in what I do have instead of what I do not have. In many ways I am lucky, and I know it, but I have to be honest, I am anxious for July to be over. I mean, hey, I have a new fridge! New food! That is great, right? Can you tell i have not received my credit card bill yet? yikes!

I am looking forward to positive thoughts and positive progress in my life!

My Fridge BEFORE

My Fridge AFTER

Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation -Day Twelve

Today was clean-up day! I cleaned many bedrooms and two bathrooms! YUCK!

It was a great vacation. I had lot of time to think; ok, too much time to think. I had time to read some books that friends gave me, and now it is their fault that I will be a Dr. Phil to them and to myself. I am more worried about what i will do to myself for all this "open thinking" time.

Let me just share with you some of the great things I feel I have learned over this vacation. Of course, this has come after many thoughts on different subjects.

I may have to blog about some of these, but here goes:

Thoughts I Had Over My Vacation:

-Low Points in ANY relationship can be "Hope Points."

-Every Path you take has a cost.

-We All Choose Fences.

-Quit anything where you can own the choice and its consequences.

-Stay with something if you can own the choice and its consequences.

-Consider the wrongs or broken dreams that lie buried within your heart as splinters.

-Splinters MUST be removed.

-"Status Quo" is not what you think it is; or is it?

-The difference between "Victim" and "Victor" is 2 little letters.

-Cruel Words do to the spirit what a vacuum cleaner does to dirt; sucks you in and entraps you.

-Pledge the "New Beginning" to yourself each day.

-Work "with" your emotions as opposed to working "for" your emotions.

-It is not wrong to have negative emotions; it's wrong to wallow and stay stuck there. (Splinters hurt going in and out, don't they?)

-Real Relationships are far more interesting than dreams.

-Turn anger into your Ally. Use anger to bring people together to generate success.

-What you avoid controls you.

-Touch someone with words.

-Begin with the end in mind.

-Your Faith answers the "why."

-Treasure Your Own Value!

-Pledge to yourself that you will always learn from ALL of your life; the good and the bad.


-I am blessed to have the parents I have; the family I have; the friends I have.

-I am lucky.

-I have so much else to do that I am not doing.

-My future needs to change to benefit ME; no one else is going to care for my future as much as me.

-I make a difference.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vacation - Day Eleven

Here it is DAY ELEVEN of my vacation! Wow, the time is going by fast! By now you know the drill...Photos speak better than anything when it comes to describing what I am doing over my vacation. And small captions are not even needed for these! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vacation - Day Ten

I did not take any pictures today! Alexandra slept in, and we just lazed around! We went to the beach, but I did not bring my camera today! Sorry!

Guess this was a "real" vacation day!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vacation - Day Nine

I spent the day on the was a hot, but gorgeous day. There was not much new to take photos of today, but I will share what I have for today...

Alexandra's Shadow as she puts on lotion.

Houses Houses along the beach

a Smart Youth Puts a can collector at each trash barrel along the beach.

Everyone makes their own foot hole as they sit on the beach!

The water was beautiful today!

A lot of people were in the water today as it was hot!

Calm waters; nice breezes

Hot and Hazy...for a short while!

I have no idea how I took this shot!

OK, I have no idea how this shot occurred either. Maybe I got too much sun today! YIKES!

My Favorite Photo of this Vacation!

Here is a nice shot of my daughter and I that I love! We were at the beach and had walked to the rock wall (Vacation - Day 8), and when Alexandra was going to snap the shot of us by herself, a woman near us said, "No, No, No! I will take the picture!" We got situated and the woman took the camera and said, "Ok, now, Say WHISKEY!" It made both of us laugh. Obviously, she drinks it and does not have children...I was kinda hoping she would reply, "Say PEZ!"

I love this might be my Christmas card this coming year!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation - Day Eight (in the Evening)

Alex and I made it back to the beach by 7pm. I am still not feeling 100%, but am trying to make the best of it for Alexandra's sake! We took a walk and below you will see what we saw. The beach is an interesting place, isn't it?

Alex is gorgeous isn't she?

Me before we began our walk.

"My Feet are tired now!"

Alex took this of herself!

I love the Rock Wall we walk to!

It was a gorgeous night!

Kite Flying!

Making Prints in the Sand!

Running in the setting sun!

The Rock Wall is a comforting place to be!

Aaaah! The Beach!

Supper-time! Will he share the fish?

He is not offering his friend a piece of the fish!!

Oooh, a sea gull fight!

Alex and I noticed all the different "prints" in the sand as we walked. It is interesting that so much happens on the beach and stays there until the ocean rinses it clean. Kinda like being in a huge "Etch-A-Sketch!" Enjoy the photos as we enjoyed discussing what they were!

A BEAR? ok, a Big Dog!

A Stroller? A Bike?

A Dog that needs his claws cut down!

Where Man, Woman, and Dog Meet!

A small doggie! or Sea weed Print!

A Human Being (Wearing Tevas?)

A fading print.

Cool one!

Buckets of fun!

Tire Tracks! Alex followed them as we walked!

Lovers walking side by side...awwww!

This one scares me! An Alien! ;)


My footprint and Alexandra's Footprint!


Little kid!

Parent and child!

Was a great evening walk, and I sure do hope I feel better tomorrow and can enjoy more of the beach, and see more of my family and friends as the week goes on.