Friday, September 19, 2008

The Cocoon & The Butterfly

As I look around me, I see people who dare to be different, who show their colors, and really live life. I see them as butterflies. Those butterflies are fluttering about and have people looking at them with amazement, even if they do nothing. Just their mere presence makes people stop and say, "oooh!"

I see many different types of butterflies:

1. The American Painted Lady - The person who is classic with pearls on, who likes to capture the attention as she comes into a room. Her pearls shine and bring jealousy. Full of life no matter if you had her in the desert or the mountains.

2. The Buckeye - The person you find along the roadsides of life. He flutters in and captures your open heart. He brings a masculinity that can be biting, but attractive. You can't take your eyes off this buck as he does not stay in one place long.

3. Monarch - The person who can take a bright and shiny day and make it even more magnificent. Just when you thought things could not be better, she comes in and creates an environment that fills with energy, dropping jaws, and creating admiration. Poetry in motion with everyone mesmerized.

4. Red Admiral - The person who lives on the edge and takes control. You expect him to come in and make a presence, but when he does come in, even you are surprised at the change he makes in you. You admire and love what this one brings. Entertaining above all with a warmth and sensuality that is unmatched.

5. Mourning Cloak - The person who secretly seems to appear when things get interesting. She can come into a room and change its atmosphere at her whim. It is easy, too easy, and the world seems to bend at her very request. It maddens you, but yet you yearn to be like her to some degree. Makes life interesting.

6. Spring Azure - The person who comes in and refreshes an otherwise boring environment. He does not necessarily turn heads, but brings an energy of respect that makes you feel better just being around him. He has it all in a calm and serene package that is well put together. Strong & Silent.

These butterflies are in pure bliss even though they are so different. Remember that beauty lies within and if you bring it out, you can be a butterfly, too!

And if you are still in a cocoon, you will have your day. When you finally do break free, you will be your own type of butterfly, but you will be free.

Remember that when you are in your cocoon, you are in a tight space and may even feel trapped despite its warmth and security, but when that cocoon opens up, it is a whole new world for you to explore. Remember that you can not begin your life again and fix your mistakes, but you can start a new life today and change your life from being in a cocoon to being a butterfly.

And in many ways, the world is waiting for your entrance. And when it happens, even you will say, "ooooh!"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moment of Silence

I knew today would be difficult. I feel like I was not my normal, compassionate self. I am not even sure if this is appropriate to share, but yet, I am itching to write about it, and I certainly do not mean to offend.

I was part of a meeting today and we had a moment of silence to remember those who were affected by the tragedy we now know as "Nine Eleven." As the moments went by, all you could hear in the room was the "tick, tick, tick" of the clock. Maybe no one else noticed, but for me, it was a haunting feeling to listen to each "tick...tick...tick" of the second hand on that clock.

Everyone sat there and reflected, I suppose, on what that day meant for them. And I think that was totally appropriate, and I felt honored that we would all take that time out of our lives for respect to those who had heartache that day and beyond. We never really know how that tragedy affected anyone and how those feelings manifest themselves, we can only give hope and prayers for whatever relief of pain, or circumstance that people involved in tragedies suffer.

As the moment passed, I assumed we would go onto business at hand, because like that tragedy and those we also look back on in honor and respect, we had to continue on with our life, and continue to be positive, motivated, and strong. I am sure I was the only one in the room who disliked what occurred next. We began to share stories of our own emotions of that tragedy, of how we came to find out, who we knew who was in New York that fateful day, who saw what and how awful it was not to be able to get home in the face of this act. I know people find this therapeutic, and a release, and a moment of bonding. And I know I sound very unemotional when I say this, but I hated this whole section of our meeting. It weighed me down considerably, but I had to endure. I respect everyone who had something to say, I even understand, but I would rather have such intimate emotions be played out during a private lunch, a designated time to share these strong feelings.

These moments of discussion, for me, provided moments of negativity. I just wanted to yell, "Shut Up!" I know we all bring "self" into situations, but these memories do not provide relief for the dead, or the living. It was purely for the importance of self. This all has its place, which should have been our inside voices during the silent reflection time.

Bottom line, we are lucky to be alive. We are lucky we are here to tell the story. The television will replay the events of that day and show the utter panic, mayhem, and foolishness. That is their job. There will be profiles of the families affected, and our hearts will pour out for them. If you are an American, that day makes you stop and appreciate what democracy, among other freedoms and choices, really means. When this memory is here, we all suffer, we all cry, we all hurt. In the memory of this tragedy, anyone who died could have been our mother, father, son, daughter, cousin, grandchild, etc. We should never think of ourselves, where we were, or how we found out. On this day, in a moment of silent reflection, it should be about "everyone" and not just "me."

I was profoundly impacted by "Nine Eleven" in a very personal way, and it did not stop just on that day, but on a remembrance day like today, you have to put "I" way back in your mind, and just let flow the good vibes, good karma, good energy, and good will to those who passed, those who still endure, and those who were somehow plucked from being a part of this tragedy just before it became an actual tragedy.

No one in that room knows the depth of my emotion around "Nine Eleven," which is very hard for me, but I feel it is more of an honor to be able to reflect and pray for those who had no choice in the giving of their lives. When you look around the room when you are in a meeting, never take for granted how profound this can be to one, none, or all. And when tragedies like this happen, a moments silence is exactly what it should be, a moment to think your own thoughts, to reflect the way you feel appropriate without spreading your own gospel.

Life is precious.

So take moments of silence to reflect on this tragedy, but to also take moments of silence to realize how great your life is. I use my moment of silence daily during the saying of "grace" at my supper table. When one of us talks, the other is able to have silent reflection. Take a moment of silence...and don't wait for the next tragedy.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

BOO! For a Friend!

I just want to take a moment today and blog about a friend of mine.

And I can sum it up in one word..."BOO!"

Boo means so means the funny part of a situation, but it also means the serious part.

Boo means that it is ok to say nothing when you want to say everything.

Boo means that friendship is still intact despite frustrations.

Boo means dealing with idiots is difficult.

Boo changes the way your day is going.

Boo is so much more than Boo!

Thanks Friend, for understanding.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ever Have One Of Those Sh*&@# Days?

Did you ever have one of those days,
when you just couldn't get out of your own way,
where no matter where you turned,
you just kept on getting burned?
Did you ever have one of those days
when you walked in a room full of smiles,
and people just couldn't wait
to tell you of their negativity and trials?
Did you ever have one of those days
when you would just like to run away,
because you smiled through all of the crap,
to find it keeps repeatedly hitting you back?
Did you ever have one of those days
when you consider the fight or the flight?
And when your day is all done,
all you really want to do is run?
I had a day like that.
It sucked.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day at Portland Head Light!

I actually spent time as a tourist over Labor Day Week-End. I had a great time at Portland Head Light and was reminded how beautiful of a state we are lucky enough to live in.

"Help Me!"

Aaah, sailing the day away!

Free Admission, rolling lawns, sites to see...Perfect!

The Rocky Coast Line!

A Moment Later, a Wave Drenched me! LOL

Gorgeous Views!

Ever Feel Boxed In? Yikes!

My daughter, the comedienne! Hahaha!

When ya gotta go, you gotta go! Geesh!

Portland Head Light is Picturesque!

I Love my daughter! We had so much fun!

"Alex, act like a tourist!"

"WOW! It is Loud!"

"Bad Alex...B-A-D!" She's such a rebel!


Monday, September 1, 2008

"Whatever Ron"

"Whatever Ron"

It's fun when it happens,
when the conversation drags on,
and your friend feels frustrated,
and just yells, "Whatever Ron!"

I laugh at that moment,
which my friend relies upon,
a funny little smirk,
and another "Whatever Ron!"

I tell her I like it,
when she speaks in that tone,
and a smile breaks across her face,
from the humor I have shown.

"I have to blog this!"
is what I always say,
a "Whatever Ron!" blog
seemed right for today!

So when I am making my point,
or creating evil-worded spawn,
I am ready for the golden words,
and soon I hear, "Whatever Ron"

When my friend is feeling ugly,
and I have to remind her she's a swan,
I give the words right back to her,
and again she says, "Whatever Ron!"

And when she talks to Lisa O.
about me while at the hair salon,
you can certainly know whats coming,
"...and I told him, 'Whatever Ron!'"

My dear friend really knows
that when she is feeling rather withdrawn,
that I will be sarcastically funny,
just to hear a "Whatever Ron!"

When those words cross your lips,
your laugh makes the mood foregone,
you smile at my "correct reply,"
again another, "Whatever Ron!"

And when I am consistantly right,
which you really frown upon,
I almost enjoy hearing you conclude,
"ok, ok, Whatever Ron!"

In closing, My friend,
never, ever feel withdrawn,
because I will forever help you,
even with a million "Whatever Ron's!"