Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reformation Sunday

Today was a special day for my daughter. She was confirmed as an adult member of our church. I know that this day does not hold the true understanding for her as it does for me. I feel compelled to share the emotions that I am feeling.

When I was my daughter's age, I went through the same process that she did, except there were many more youth in my class than hers. My parents were not considered religious, and I do not think my daughter would consider me religious either. What was important was the religious education.

Baptism was important for me because it meant the washing away of original sin, of being a part of the Lord's family, being a child of God. I remember that as my daughter was baptized, and had her first communion, I felt a lot of emotion. I was not sure where it came from.

And today, as Pastor was affirming my daughter as an adult part of this church, I felt that same emotion come forward. I even turned to see where I could go because I thought I was not going to be able to hold my emotions intact. I have no idea where this emotion comes from. Is it God? is it something from my soul? I felt a lot of spirits around me. I truly did. I felt that I had done the right thing, I had given my daughter a gift of religion, of education, and took proper care of God's Child.

My daughter can now have the promise of God's Grace & Forgiveness as well as the earthly element of bread, wine, and water, as commanded and instituted by Christ.

She is now a sister of the church, a member of the congregation. This is comforting to me because I know she has a whole new family. What can be better for your child than that?

As Pastor explained the meanings of each girl's names, it was funny how she said that my daughter's name meant defender of man. She also said that my daughter has a way of taking care of people, of shining a light, of helping. Pastor hoped that my daughter would be the shining light for many in her lifetime, and that it is all a direct link to God's love.

I know my daughter may not fully understand the gift she has been given today, but maybe when she has her own children, and stands at their baptism, their first communion, and their confirmation, will she experience the joys I have felt, the emotions that overcome me, and the pride in my soul. Maybe my spirit will be around her as well.

I hope my daughter lives in the word of God, follows her obligations to the best of her ability, and remains in awe of what God gives.

I am a proud father that is full of God's Grace daily, but today was a dramatic realization and reminder of those feelings.

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