Sunday, August 3, 2008


I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I keep coming back to how we have lost our feeling of being enchanted.

Have you ever been in Love with a person or a place? Then this is being enchanted. It is like a spell that is cast over you and nothing is greaterthan that feeling of Love. Your heart races, and it is enchantment that allows you to feel your soul. No other part of your life feels like this special love; you know and believe in the magic of this Love.

When you were young, did you ever go to a special vacation spot or place that seemed like the most gorgeous place on earth? You could lay on the ground and take in the scenery and know you were in a place you love, where you felt safe and exhilirated. That is enchantment.

When we were children, enchantment was all around us. Our parents allowed us this enchantment because it is the fabric of child innocence. Remember when it was Christmas time? You were so enchanted with the thought of presents delivered from a bearded man that came from the cold Arctic area of the world. The excitement that would be in your heart and soul, it would keep you awake, it was magic.

And how silly of us as children to think that a bunny hopped to our house on Easter Day and left us painted eggs and candy in baskets with fake grass. That is enchantment.

As we get older, this enchantment diminishes, and maybe it is because the fantasy turns to emotional reasoning. I think we all need to retain some enchantment in our lives. If you have a special place, visit it, and smell the scent of the roses there. Take in the feeling you get, and discover more about your own internal soul that is fueled by this enchantment.

Please don't ignore enchantment as you get older, embrace it and feel your soul being moved. Don't be afraid to enjoy life, don't be afraid to be silly, or to be YOU.

Do you even recognize the areas of enchantment in your life?

For me, Enchantment is the beach. I go to the coast on vacation, and when I am there, I feel free. I walk along the water and let the ocean breezes whip around me, it is really therapeutic for me. I think many thoughts and love the freedom I feel there. As a child, enchantment was all the excitement I felt at family gatherings. To see the love of family and how coming together as a whole family meant that something special was going on. It made me excited and I learned a lot about people and their personalities. It was an exciting time.

So tell me, what is your feeling of enchantment like?


Rob said...

I keep coming here. I miss your writing. It reminds me and helps me appreciate how you think.

tdoiley said...

Well, I do come here for inspiration too! If you don't write anything...I just call you. I am glad you fan appreaciates how you think...It is a great asset you have! You definitely make me think and learn more. You are awesome.

Meg said...

In this moment I have 2 enchanted places- in bed with my kids before they sleep- talking about the day or the plan or life in general- and the beach- in the water body surfing and watching the kids falling in love with the waves.

Thanks for reminding me- and framing it that way.