Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a Month it has been!

I may be writing this post too early. July is not over, but it has been one HELL of a month! The good part, I had vacation, which was well documented on my blog here. My niece is going to deliver her first baby in a few weeks and her shower was a success. The bad parts -- I had 4 days of food poisoning, my computer broke down and I am not sure yet if my hard drive and if I have lost all my information, my son mentions he is moving to New Hampshire, my sister (not the one who had a heart attack LAST MONTH) had a serious car accident, my niece's husband was told his job was eliminated, and my refrigerator died and I lost most of my food.

So today, my son is coming over to get the things out of the attic space he had, my house is a mess from all the movement of items, and he is taking my daughter out for shopping, a movie, and etc. I am glad they are having their time together, but i kinda wish I was invited along so we could do a family thing. We hardly do the family thing anymore, which is sad, but some obstacles take more time to overcome. I have to learn more patience since the honest approach did not work as I had hoped.

So as I sit here in my messy home, I realize again that life goes in mysterious ways. What I once thought was mine really isn't. The computer is gone. The fridge is gone. My son is almost gone.

I guess I should be taking stock in what I do have instead of what I do not have. In many ways I am lucky, and I know it, but I have to be honest, I am anxious for July to be over. I mean, hey, I have a new fridge! New food! That is great, right? Can you tell i have not received my credit card bill yet? yikes!

I am looking forward to positive thoughts and positive progress in my life!

My Fridge BEFORE

My Fridge AFTER

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