Monday, September 1, 2008

"Whatever Ron"

"Whatever Ron"

It's fun when it happens,
when the conversation drags on,
and your friend feels frustrated,
and just yells, "Whatever Ron!"

I laugh at that moment,
which my friend relies upon,
a funny little smirk,
and another "Whatever Ron!"

I tell her I like it,
when she speaks in that tone,
and a smile breaks across her face,
from the humor I have shown.

"I have to blog this!"
is what I always say,
a "Whatever Ron!" blog
seemed right for today!

So when I am making my point,
or creating evil-worded spawn,
I am ready for the golden words,
and soon I hear, "Whatever Ron"

When my friend is feeling ugly,
and I have to remind her she's a swan,
I give the words right back to her,
and again she says, "Whatever Ron!"

And when she talks to Lisa O.
about me while at the hair salon,
you can certainly know whats coming,
"...and I told him, 'Whatever Ron!'"

My dear friend really knows
that when she is feeling rather withdrawn,
that I will be sarcastically funny,
just to hear a "Whatever Ron!"

When those words cross your lips,
your laugh makes the mood foregone,
you smile at my "correct reply,"
again another, "Whatever Ron!"

And when I am consistantly right,
which you really frown upon,
I almost enjoy hearing you conclude,
"ok, ok, Whatever Ron!"

In closing, My friend,
never, ever feel withdrawn,
because I will forever help you,
even with a million "Whatever Ron's!"


tdoiley said...

OMG, I smiled and laughed through this was what I so needed after my trying day! It was perfect and even in Rhyme. In case I have not told you lately, you are a great friend...and even though "whatever Ron" has so many meanings and makes us laugh....I still do it without even realizing it until I hear you laugh out loud and you say..." I love Whatever Ron". Thank you for this blog!

The Pez Man said...

Whatever Tracy!