Friday, September 19, 2008

The Cocoon & The Butterfly

As I look around me, I see people who dare to be different, who show their colors, and really live life. I see them as butterflies. Those butterflies are fluttering about and have people looking at them with amazement, even if they do nothing. Just their mere presence makes people stop and say, "oooh!"

I see many different types of butterflies:

1. The American Painted Lady - The person who is classic with pearls on, who likes to capture the attention as she comes into a room. Her pearls shine and bring jealousy. Full of life no matter if you had her in the desert or the mountains.

2. The Buckeye - The person you find along the roadsides of life. He flutters in and captures your open heart. He brings a masculinity that can be biting, but attractive. You can't take your eyes off this buck as he does not stay in one place long.

3. Monarch - The person who can take a bright and shiny day and make it even more magnificent. Just when you thought things could not be better, she comes in and creates an environment that fills with energy, dropping jaws, and creating admiration. Poetry in motion with everyone mesmerized.

4. Red Admiral - The person who lives on the edge and takes control. You expect him to come in and make a presence, but when he does come in, even you are surprised at the change he makes in you. You admire and love what this one brings. Entertaining above all with a warmth and sensuality that is unmatched.

5. Mourning Cloak - The person who secretly seems to appear when things get interesting. She can come into a room and change its atmosphere at her whim. It is easy, too easy, and the world seems to bend at her very request. It maddens you, but yet you yearn to be like her to some degree. Makes life interesting.

6. Spring Azure - The person who comes in and refreshes an otherwise boring environment. He does not necessarily turn heads, but brings an energy of respect that makes you feel better just being around him. He has it all in a calm and serene package that is well put together. Strong & Silent.

These butterflies are in pure bliss even though they are so different. Remember that beauty lies within and if you bring it out, you can be a butterfly, too!

And if you are still in a cocoon, you will have your day. When you finally do break free, you will be your own type of butterfly, but you will be free.

Remember that when you are in your cocoon, you are in a tight space and may even feel trapped despite its warmth and security, but when that cocoon opens up, it is a whole new world for you to explore. Remember that you can not begin your life again and fix your mistakes, but you can start a new life today and change your life from being in a cocoon to being a butterfly.

And in many ways, the world is waiting for your entrance. And when it happens, even you will say, "ooooh!"


tdoiley said...

1. ?
2. Combo of J and F or an unmet
3. T
4. J
5. S
6. F

I will ponder over this one more but I have to say I like this one….I want to say some days I feel I am at different stages, some flying while others still trapped.
Whenever I see a butterfly I admire her because of her simple free life, they appear to embrace every moment and fly with pride. I envy them.
What Kind of butterfly are you my friend?

The Pez Man said...

This was not a quiz or a puzzle for you to figure out! It was an expression of what I see. You crack me up!

tdoiley said...

I know it was not a quiz....I was just relating to who may relate to the different know my mind is warped!