Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation - Day Three

Aaahh...the 3rd day of vacation. The weather has been so awesome! I have spent every day on the beach. Alexandra ended up with a rash, so I had to head to the drug store so she could have some relief from the itching. Alexandra did not go to the beach today. She and Jenna stayed in the camp house and watch tv and slept the day away. That is the fun of vacation as well, isn't it?

Justin went to NH to look for jobs and called me to tell me that he got a job, so he will feel better when he moves to NH in a month or so.

I had company today, a friend and her son. Tracy and Bryan came up and we spent the day on the beach. I ended up ruining Bryan's frisbee with my pure brute strength. Aaarrgghh!

It was a nice and relaxing day with family and friends. I love this vacation time more than any other time in my calendar year!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Where's the Safari? (Yesterday's Picture!")

Mary Poppins at the beach!

I am the Beach Patrol. Get off the beach now!

Banana Man and Super Nanny! Hahahaha!

Two Bananas were at the Beach....

Banana Riding at Pine Point...FUN! FUN! FUN!

Doesn't everyone ride a wave with their banana?

The Banana Splits!

A Special time with a Smiling Banana!

Bryan and Tracy - A Day At Pine Point, USA!

Stalker Caught in the act!

"It's Time To Make The Donuts."

"I went from a Banana to a Donut."

This is Better than Biddeford Pool!

"Frisbee Fun!"

Trouble, Trouble, & MORE TROUBLE!

"You have so much A-PEEL! Can I take you home?"

Bryan's impression of "Sun Screen!"

"LOOK, I'm 'The Joker' from BatMan!"

Good-Bye Ron! Thanks For A Great Day on the beach!

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tdoiley said...

Thank you for a wonderful day!