Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation -Day Twelve

Today was clean-up day! I cleaned many bedrooms and two bathrooms! YUCK!

It was a great vacation. I had lot of time to think; ok, too much time to think. I had time to read some books that friends gave me, and now it is their fault that I will be a Dr. Phil to them and to myself. I am more worried about what i will do to myself for all this "open thinking" time.

Let me just share with you some of the great things I feel I have learned over this vacation. Of course, this has come after many thoughts on different subjects.

I may have to blog about some of these, but here goes:

Thoughts I Had Over My Vacation:

-Low Points in ANY relationship can be "Hope Points."

-Every Path you take has a cost.

-We All Choose Fences.

-Quit anything where you can own the choice and its consequences.

-Stay with something if you can own the choice and its consequences.

-Consider the wrongs or broken dreams that lie buried within your heart as splinters.

-Splinters MUST be removed.

-"Status Quo" is not what you think it is; or is it?

-The difference between "Victim" and "Victor" is 2 little letters.

-Cruel Words do to the spirit what a vacuum cleaner does to dirt; sucks you in and entraps you.

-Pledge the "New Beginning" to yourself each day.

-Work "with" your emotions as opposed to working "for" your emotions.

-It is not wrong to have negative emotions; it's wrong to wallow and stay stuck there. (Splinters hurt going in and out, don't they?)

-Real Relationships are far more interesting than dreams.

-Turn anger into your Ally. Use anger to bring people together to generate success.

-What you avoid controls you.

-Touch someone with words.

-Begin with the end in mind.

-Your Faith answers the "why."

-Treasure Your Own Value!

-Pledge to yourself that you will always learn from ALL of your life; the good and the bad.


-I am blessed to have the parents I have; the family I have; the friends I have.

-I am lucky.

-I have so much else to do that I am not doing.

-My future needs to change to benefit ME; no one else is going to care for my future as much as me.

-I make a difference.

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tdoiley said...

Wow..I need to catch up on my reading! I am going to relax more and think about all the things you have learned.