Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation - Day Eight (in the Evening)

Alex and I made it back to the beach by 7pm. I am still not feeling 100%, but am trying to make the best of it for Alexandra's sake! We took a walk and below you will see what we saw. The beach is an interesting place, isn't it?

Alex is gorgeous isn't she?

Me before we began our walk.

"My Feet are tired now!"

Alex took this of herself!

I love the Rock Wall we walk to!

It was a gorgeous night!

Kite Flying!

Making Prints in the Sand!

Running in the setting sun!

The Rock Wall is a comforting place to be!

Aaaah! The Beach!

Supper-time! Will he share the fish?

He is not offering his friend a piece of the fish!!

Oooh, a sea gull fight!

Alex and I noticed all the different "prints" in the sand as we walked. It is interesting that so much happens on the beach and stays there until the ocean rinses it clean. Kinda like being in a huge "Etch-A-Sketch!" Enjoy the photos as we enjoyed discussing what they were!

A BEAR? ok, a Big Dog!

A Stroller? A Bike?

A Dog that needs his claws cut down!

Where Man, Woman, and Dog Meet!

A small doggie! or Sea weed Print!

A Human Being (Wearing Tevas?)

A fading print.

Cool one!

Buckets of fun!

Tire Tracks! Alex followed them as we walked!

Lovers walking side by side...awwww!

This one scares me! An Alien! ;)


My footprint and Alexandra's Footprint!


Little kid!

Parent and child!

Was a great evening walk, and I sure do hope I feel better tomorrow and can enjoy more of the beach, and see more of my family and friends as the week goes on.

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