Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vacation - Day Four

Today was spent getting up very early and taking a nice walk all alone on the beach. It was nice to take in the ocean air. My body felt exhilarated after this walk.

Alot of the family came over today, which was really great. It is nice to have everyone around and to be relaxed and carefree! I did not spend the whole day on the beach because I had to bring my daughter's friend home, so we went in town to the mall and shopped before we hit the turnpike to head back home.

While in town, Alexandra got her new haircut...she went from straight hair to a perm!!! It looks so good on her! After the haircut, we went to pick up Katie...Alexandra's next friend to come to the beach with us!

Enjoy the pictures below...Another great day!

I went out for my early morning walk...Gorgeous Day!

Early Morning Views!

It was a calm and quiet morning!

Time for Sand Castles!

Carolyn and Austin enjoying the beach!

Megan resting before her big night on the town!

Mom/Gram Loves having her family around her!

The Beach Stud...!

Aunt Debbie and Hannah keeping the sun at bay!

Alexandra's New Hair Cut! WOW!!!!

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