Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friendship is a Sheltering Tree

I often think about friendships. We all have different friendships; different bases of friendship.

I have been in moods of recent where I see the world changing around me, and none of it makes sense. The world is in an emotional state and it filters down to all of us in some personal way. Oil is too high priced, so when it hits our wallets, we take this frustration out on someone else, and so starts the dominoes of life.

When I feel happy or sad, I run to my friendships. I do find friendships like a sheltering tree. You can stand there, feeling accepted, and you can cry, or laugh, or simply just be.

I have several friends that I hold close because they feed me what I need to be strong, satisfied, and loved. Many times we laugh together, complain together, and are quiet together. So as the dominoes fall, we huddle together and brace the storm. And trees are strong and live through it all. They lose their leaves, but grow right back. You can lose a limb, but you do not lose your soul. You can be tossed and turned in the strongest of winds, but you survive. And you can stand alone or be in a group and you still provide shelter.

Friendships are the most expensive thing on the planet, but your investment is minimal, but your value grows over time.

Oh yes, sometimes trees die, but the rings they accumulate shows history, and their seedlings did grow near them, or as far as the wind will take them.

I have friends who have come and gone as well, but our friendship together helped shape who we are as people. I think everyone around us shapes who we are. Through friendships, we borrow and steal ideas, attitudes, lifestyles, and a multitude of other good things. We make them our own, and we expand, and we grow. Sharing this growth is the best feeling of all.

You know, Friendship really is a sheltering tree. Tend to your roots and be appreciative of all that makes you grow and prosper through life's seasons. Hug a friend today.

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tdoiley said...

I will be over for my hug! That was very beautiful, almost as good as the Seeds should repost that here for all your new readers.