Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation - Day One!

A Walk on the Beach with the right Music enhances Everything!

The sun came out a bit late today, but enough for me to have a great walk. I had some great music pumping through the earphones, and as I walked, it changed the experience I had. Since there weren't many people on the beach today, it was a perfect day to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Maine coast almost all by myself. As the ocean air pushed against me with great tension, a song came on that spoke of the greatness of the environment. It was perfect.

Here was the beach in front of me as I walked...gorgeous and plenty of room!

The Seagulls Love the Beach too...and act like people!

I thought it was funny to see the sea gulls running in and out of the water like people do. There was not much food for them on the beach, so they did not have to be aggressive scavengers. I think they were enjoying the waves as they slowly washed up on the beach. They would run to the wave, and then turn and run out. It reminded me of how kids do that very same action.

Here are a few camera shy sea gulls...

SEAWEED: The Ocean's Dust Bunnies!

Seaweed is everywhere today! The Town was removing some of it in certain areas on the beach, but in our area, it was left there. It made a line at the top of the beach. Some of the kids like to play in it (ewww!), but so do a lot of insects. Smelly and ugly.

GROW UP! - Why does being on vacation make you realize how your children have grown?

It was great to have both my children at the beach today. What I noticed was how much older they are, and how great they are. My daughter does not get much time with her brother, so this time with him is very special to her. You can see this emotion in her every interaction with him. I wonder if he notices. They have a ten year age gap in age, so that makes a big difference.

Here is Justin and Alexandra together:

Here is Alexandra with Justin's hat on!

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tdoiley said...

You are very lucky! I am very jealous of all you have. You desereve all the happiness in the world.