Friday, June 6, 2008

OMG...People Are Reading My Blog!

I received a call today from "The Boss." He has been sick all week, so when he said to me, "Ron, I just wanted to call to see how your sister is," I just figured he had gotten word from someone at work. As I began to tell him how I felt, he said, "I know, I read about it on your blog." My reaction was, "Oh My Goodness, I never thought anyone was REALLY reading my blog. No one knows about it." He laughed a bit and said, "Well, I know 2 or 3 people that know about it."

In my warped little world, no one was reading it, or they would comment, right? Hahaha! What A fool I can be! I knew Megin and Rob had commented, but i thought they stopped reading it since life is busy. After all, it is Valentine's Day in their house everyday, so why would they choose to come here to read my blogs. No Pressure.

So for the one or thousands of you out there who could be reading my blog...or not...I apologize for my lengthy character. Sorry, it is a part of what makes me; ME! Gotta love me!

I did begin my 365 List on a separate blog, and I am enjoying that a lot. Check it out. Only 44 words for each entry!

By the way, my sister is now home, and she is scared, but who wouldn't be. This is not a death sentence for her, but more of a wake-up call, but I can understand how scared she must be. I would rather have her scared and alive than scared to death.

And Rob, thanks for caring and asking. I hope you get better and get back at work soon.

Take care to all my friends!


Meg said...

Isn't it the craziest feeling? I often have to self censor- or think about self censoring- and I will even more when the Punks get older.

I know.

You know more than many that building community is good for... well, everything.

And the addy for the 365 blog?

Have a good weekend-

The Pez Man said...


You can see my different blogs on my page here...and the 365 is added! I have already done 2! And I am loving it. Thanks for having Rob share it with me!